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Uplevel my purpose

  • I want to break through my fears and limiting beliefs.
  • I want to turn my spiritual calling into an entrepreneurial offering.
  • I want guidance and accountability to keep me on the path.
  • I have a purpose that's so big, I just need some tools and guidance to build momentum.

What is it?

Uplevel my purpose is a 12-week, 1:1 online infinite life training program with challenges, live Q&A calls, mental/emotional therapeutic support and strategy & tactics to help you to use your gifts to attract spiritual/entrepreneurial freedom and abundance. It shows you how to turn the gifts of your potential into an authentic entrepreneurial expression using systems.

Who is it for?

Existing visionaries who want to transform the gifts of the journey into a digital income to quickly establish authority in a meaningful movement by leveraging storytelling, authenticity and systems of simplicity instead of lots of humans and a rats nest of products and services.

How does it work?

You show up to weekly live calls, take action, use the provided tools, and start manifesting momentum day-by-day (like Clock Work). Ask questions in the private Voxer support or on weekly live Q&A calls.

Why does it exist?

We created the Infinite Life Training Program because most people become lost in the transition of roles and narratives of life, between being the hero to becoming a guide and source of inspiration for others, and changing the narrative to support the inner and outer transformation in a predictable, consistent and systemized way.

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