In this episode, our guest is Tim Sheilds. While I was sampling Tim's Instagram account @therealtimshields, It was the adventure into the unknown that Tim was embarking upon which captured my interest. 

An embodiment of the mythological hero's journey is one we all must make again and again, and this conversation gives insights into how to break through the threshold into the unknown and the kinds of motifs you can expect to encounter along the way of the “Experiential Journey” of Life.  

Tim is the author of the book “A Curious Year”, a ghostwriter and has been Dr. Joe Dispenza's editor for five years.

Connect with Tim:
IG: @therealtimshields
Link to the book: A Curious Year in the Great Vivarium Experiment https://amzn. to/2Wg1GZL

Connect with the Show:
IG: @QuantumFeedback

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