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In this show I answer your questions: 

  • What was the catalyst that got me doing what I'm doing today?
  • What keeps me going?
  • How did I know to use certain apps & technologies to wake people up?

I talk about the impact that my out of body experience had on my life and how I lost my way even though I thought I knew what my purpose was. I learned that having a purpose is not enough, becuase you have to create the habits which support you in creating your purpose. This ultimately leads me to meditation, which I struggled with to begin with, I found that meditation on it's own was not enough to kick me into gear, so I devised a 10 Day Challenge to turn my life around from the inside out.


This show is brought to you by the Quantum Habit Stack the inner energy morning routine to manifest massive momentum. This 10 Day Challenge helped me to take my calling and translate that into tangible momentum, doing my thing, creating Quantum Feedback.

See you in the Challenge 🙂

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