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Tino Beth share's his back story of his life in a manner of fact way.
From losing his mom at age 11, to questioning the nature of reality and the bridge between life and death. Dealing with addiction as a troubled youth and self-styling a RESET that would put him on the very edge of life itself. A near-death experience turns into an out of body educational experience and Tino discovers his Ikigai, his reason for being. 

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10 years later he would eventually round our that journey to test his newfound tools and skills by pitting himself against mother nature in a classic rookie sailing voyage a third of the way around Australia learning to sail and navigate on the spot. Feeling invincible upon returning home wondering what life has in store for him next, Tino asked himself another massively transformative question, “What's the biggest problem I can solve in the world”, scratching his own itch in his pursuit to understand karma, he decoded a crop circle which helped him to build the understanding of Quantum Feedback and the fundamental nature of the feedback mechanism of life, consciousness, law of attraction and the spiritual quest to discover meaning and purpose in one's life.

Herein, Tino recounts the pivotal life-changing events that shaped and set him on a new path to seeking out the highest forms of knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

A New Path, A Hero's Journey, A Spiritual Quest, A New Science of Awareness Was Born.

Welcome to Quantum Feedback.


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