The Money you know will Reset into a Type of Crypto called Central Bank Digital Currencies. This is bad for a number of reasons, find out more below.

“Hi Tino,

I wanted to thank you again for your time on our call today. It was an eye opening experience for sure. 

I had been aware of crypto currencies and held a little but still learned so much about this level of investment. The real party started when you discussed the level two stuff! The digital currency infrastructure being built out by the very big, old established companies right under our noses was mind-blowing!! 

Thanks to our call, I now know where to look for investment opportunities and will be actively moving funds into these new fields. 

I want to be on the right train when it leaves the station! And let’s not kid ourselves, the trains are definitely leaving the station, and I’m so grateful to you for the tickets you made available for me and my family. 

All the best to you. I hope you keep sharing the message with all who are ready for the new normal.”




I believe there is a golden window of opportunity present for us to feedforward our present-day wealth into the technologies which will play a major role in the future. The financial feedback we'll experience as a result will blow minds and melt faces. 


The world is changing.

The information you consume controls your mind and creates your life. 

You need access to new information that catalysis a different perspective. 

The Globally recognized medium of exchange is transforming.

Follow the Money, The Money is Moving.

Join in the Quantum Crypto COURSE OF ACTION to help you navigate these changing times.


Inflation, The system is being propped up by money printing. (Pictured below) 

The people are being sold lies and ideas to daze and confuse them from making sound decisions. 

The world wants you to have digital ID's, Extra Passports and yet we still cant fly.

The Stock Market has peaked and will commence a crash of epic proportions. 

Central Bank Digital Currencies will save the show and keep liquidity in the world. 

Everything is currently being tokenised, and you can buy the tokens if you know where to look.


“Massive Action”

1:1 Quantum Crypto Mentorship

 Use Alchemy to transform your condensed energy (Money) into the Quantum Financial System that's coming for 2022 and beyond. 


In times of great change and uncertainty, you need access to insights and information to help you connect the dots in real-time, to course correct and navigate in resonance to the activated higher frequencies of your awareness.

– Ask me anything, get my perspective on things. 

– Get my feedback on your condensed energy (investments).

If you're brand new to crypto – Support and guidance in getting started and understanding the role Crypto Assets Play in The Great Reset.

If you're a more seasoned crypto investor – but maybe you relaxed a little bit and took your eye off the developments in the space as it pertains to the Great Reset, Internet of Value, Defi, NFT's, Staking, FREE Airdrops and need an update and feedback on your bags to be agile for the storm that's coming to the old financial system.

Pack your bags we're going to the Stratosphere!! 🚀

See you on the inside 👁

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