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In this part 1 of a 2 part episode, I met up and have a chat with a dear friend, naturalist & environmentalist and ABC Radio talk show host, Gary Opit.

We chat about the nature of our reality, evolution, adaptation to change, cultural engineering, free thought, Viruses, Growth and how the living planet is a single living organism.  The Importance of challenges in life, AI, Robots, Aliens & Hive Mind's, Technology and Humanity, Illusion of ownership, Simple pleasures vs Suffering of Desires, Utopia, Lost of creativity, 30 species of alien's Gary has categorized in his book (linked below) and how “There is only the Environment”.

UNDERSTANDING Humans, Extraterrestrials & The Awakening of the Planetary Mind AUSTRALIAN CRYPTOZOOLOGY: The Australian Yowie, New Guinea Mermaid, Big Cats and other WildLife Wonders.

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