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Coherent Self-Awareness


The Courageous Pursuit Of Self Actualization in a Radically Changing World.

As we move from the Newtonian model of reality of matter affecting matter, of cause and effect; into the Quantum model of reality where consciousness effects matter, where you're consciously participating in causing the effects you see around you and within you.

Now, as we've begun a new decade ‘The Decade of Disruption’, The speed of change which is occurring is enough to cause major dis-ease in our mental, emotional and spiritual development. You may have felt this in recent months.

Couple that with the increasing disconnection, isolation, and digitization of how we connect.

We’re facing the perfect storm of survival vs creation, that while it is the biggest threat in the history of humanity in regards to our mental health and emotional wellbeing. This storm is also our biggest opportunity in history to courageously pursue the path of your self-actualization.

How do we ride the waves of change in the unknown and feel even more fulfilled and coherent within ourselves?

That's why I believe we need an upgrade to our biological software, which will help us individually increase the frequency of our coherent self-awareness. To help account for the feedback nature of reality and to remain true to our personal paths of self-actualization.

This is where the Quantum Feedback Framework comes in. Giving you a model for increasing the frequency of your awareness of self, strengthening the coherence with your vision of self-actualization.

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“Quantum Feedback is a life integration framework which helps you to radically increase the frequency of conscious coherence in real-time self-awareness.”

Tino Beth

Meet the Founder
Tino Beth

Tino Beth has spent more than 20 years researching and discovering connections in mythology, anthroposophy, philosophy, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, herbalism and the seven liberating arts.

These studies led Tino to the groundbreaking theory of Quantum Feedback, which unifies humanity's search for meaning with cutting edge scientific understanding of the nature of reality and your role in it.

“The moment you realize you are the most advanced quantum technology in the universe is the moment you are reunited with your birthright of embodying the science of possibility.”

Tino Beth

Quantum Feedback ACADEMY Begins Late Q3 2020

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